We write software.

Simple, Solid, Efficient Software.
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"stepped up to the plate on a time sensitive contract … completed the task with flying colours, including training the clients"

"delivered under a gruelingly tight time frame and with limited project resources"

Our Products & Services

Web Apps

We use reliable web frameworks with the richest ecosystems: Django and Rails.


Let us help build your next product. We have experience in mobile apps, web services and embedded development.

Clean, functional design

Our apps are designed to be clean, simple, mobile friendly, and most importantly: easy to use.

Fast loading

Sometimes it's just little less JavaScript. Sometimes it's caching and dedicated hardware. First we make it work, then we make it as fast as you need.

Fix jobs

Software can fail, or just fail to keep up with your business. Let us help you get up and running again.

Well documented

We take pride in delivering clear and comprehensive documentation.

Technologies we use